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SPS785 + TDC600

Sitepositioning package deal

The Trimble SPS785 GNSS smart antenna and TDC600 handheld now come at a package price of 12,900 €. On top of the deal, you get 12 months of WorksManager software for wireless data transfer.

With this comprehensive package, you can get started quickly and perform measurements efficiently and quickly on all your construction sites.

The campaign is valid until 30.4.2021

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Winter package deal

SPS785 smart antenna + TDC600 handheld = 12.900 €
on top of the deal 12 months of Trimble WorksManager -software
(valid until 30.4.2021)



Trimble® SPS785

This entry-level, fully capable GNSS receiver is ideal for construction surveyors, earthworks supervisors or foremen. The SPS785 provides reliable measurements and high accuracy with all the satellite constellations so you can use this GNSS receiver even in challenging places. 

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Trimble® TDC600

Manage your construction site with easy-to-use and dexterous TDC600. Swift and powerful 2,2GHz processor, 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage allows you to work with 3D-models and other construction plans efficiently.

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Trimble® WorksManager

On site, the word “wait” is the enemy of progress.  the systems enable quicker handling of complex files and 3D data sets, all on a much larger screen—meaning you can spot issues and solve problems before they slow you down.

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