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Problem solving


1) Do all dsz and vcl format model files of the project, including the background maps, include a surface or a 3D line array?
- If not, create a small surface object near the actual plan from your example's three points at different heights and write it with the actual lines of the plan in the template file.

2) Are there really many objects in the model (>30,000)?
- use TBC's "Preparation of data" > "Organize project" function and prune extra lines manually.

1) Make sure that the work is synchronized from the cloud to the computer: In the JOB SETTINGS view, press the Data transfer button. After that, make sure that in the Transfer type section, "Synchronized information Connected Community checkout" is selected and press the Synchronize button. 2) Check the correct folder structure and the spelling of the folder names: OfficeData and Designs.






Trimble Business Center

Millimeters can be selected as import units when using the import tool: Home > Import
1) In the Import tool, select the folder where your plan is located.
2) Thus, in the "Choose files" window, select the plan you want.
3) In the lower right corner of the tool there are two arrows pointing down. Click on them to access the import settings.
4) Select File unit under Millimeter.

GCS 900

USB flas drives file system might be wrong. Format the drive with FAT16 or FAT32 file system.