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Paving Control for Asphalt Pavers

Trimble PCS900

In addition to providing high precision, Trimble's machine control systems for asphalt pavers also minimize the consumption of expensive materials and reduce operating errors. Together with the Trimble machine control universal total station, you ensure an accurate millimeter result.

The PCS900 system takes care of the automation of the asphalt paver, which follows the machine control model. The system is also compatible with the most common asphalt pavers on the market and utilizes the sensor technology of these machines.

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The digital design plan of the work is first modified into a compatible machine control model. Download plan material over the Internet from the Trimble WorksManager cloud service. The corresponding work is then documented, and the results can be distributed directly to the office and the exact result can be stated. The system is also an integral part of the BIM data flow.