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Grade Control for Dozers

Trimble EarthWorks For Dozers

Trimble Earthworks Grade Control runs on the new 10-inch (25.7 cm) Android operating system with a Trimble TD520 touchscreen. The software has been developed in collaboration with machine control system users worldwide.

The result is a user-optimized interface that allows the operator to achieve maximum machine performance. The app offers color 3D graphics, IMU sensor technology, structure layer management, and functions that can be learned intuitively.

Freely selectable and configurable views allow the user interface to be optimally adapted to the operators requirements. The user can choose the perspective with which he can work best and achieve the highest productivity.

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With machine control via the total station (UTS)


With machine control via the total station (UTS) you can work more precisely and above all in areas where Satellite Reception is not available or is not ideal due to the trees or buildings. UTS control also provides useful functions for machine monitoring.

The driver receives an alarm if the view of the prism is blurred, the accuracy of the UTS is no longer sufficient or the use of the UTS no longer makes any sense due to exceeding the maximum distance. In this case, the operator can switch to another, closer UTS and continue working without interruption.

This feature is especially useful on larger construction sites where work takes place over longer distances or if the line of sight to the UTS is interrupted due to the shape of the terrain or in tunnels. The current version of the UTS configuration supports working with six-way dozer blades.


  • Fast result and accurate quality
  • Save fuel and machine - do it right at once!
  • Less mistakes
  • Less waiting time!

Trimble GCS900 DUAL GNSS

When the dual GNSS-controlled Trimble GCS900 is installed on the bulldozer, you have a complete 3D machine control system that can perform all site functions as accurately and efficiently as possible. The dual antenna configuration is unique to Trimble GNSS-based Grade Control Systems.

With GNSS, you get the exact location of the machine as well as the location where the blade is cutting. This is an advantage especially in complex tasks where the surface and slope vary. The system consists of three main components, which are the GNSS antennas, the CB460 control display and the radio / VRS modem. The system is designed for very demanding tasks to which contractors expose their machines - to hard workday by day.

Design data can be displayed on the CB460 as a plan, profile, cross section, or text. Among other things, the system has automatic blade control, which allows design information to be used to control the hydraulics, so the cutting blade operates automatically with an accuracy of 1cm.

The system can also be operated manually, so only the desired blade position is determined via the display and light bar. The GPS-based machine control system is ideal for all types of construction projects, from smaller daily tasks to large construction tasks such as motorways, airports, etc. Using the Trimble GCS900 with dual GNSS with a dozer gives the contractor a significant improvement in productivity and profitability, ensuring competitive advantage


Single GNSS antenna control is the ideal solution for those contractors looking for a cost-effective solution.

The system consists of the same components, except that the second positioning antenna has been replaced by a tilt sensor. This is an entity, so it will be updated later for dual GNSS control or total station control.