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Grade Control for Compact Machines

Trimble Earthworks for compact machines

The Trimble Earthworks machine control systems with leveling devices reduces unnecessary work, adjustment, cost, construction time and simultaneously connects the machine to the office. The robust and high-quality system is optimized to facilitate fast transfer from one machine to another.

These systems are either simple 2D systems with, for example, laser control or advanced 3D machine control systems with either GNSS or total station control.

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There are many accessories on the market today for small earthmoving machines. These attcahments can be used on a variety of machines, such as skid steer loaders, wheel loaders or tractors. Here, too, the operator of the machine is facilitated by a machine control system which allows certain surfacesand inclinations to be controlled from the cab.  Machine control systems can be implemented in two ways with Trimble Earthworks or with Trimble GCS900

Benefits of machine control

The Trimble GCS900 or Trimble Earthworks machine control system can automatically adjust the position and inclination of the blade or attachment.

This machine control allows you to finish surfaces with millimeter accuracy and accurate application in minimal time. The system is used in skid steer loaders in demanding projects such as parking lots, landscaping, crushing in a small space.

The Trimble GCS900 and Trimble Earthworks machine control systems are perfectly integrated into the office. Digital information obtained from the preparation of the work, such as plan materials are sent via the Internet to the machines, from which the conveyor selects the right job for the task.

The work is documented, and this information is also automatically sent to the office via the Internet to manage site progress