Make sure the devices are working properly!

Trimble develops various hardwares and softwares. The extended warranty allows you to benefit from technical progress even after a contract factory warranty.

Extended hardware warranty

The extended hardware warranty includes all warranty services included in the original factory warranty. The included repairs are covered by Trimble's hardware warranty without deductible. 

All work is done in our SITECH workshops in high quality and only with original Trimble parts.


  • Estimated costs (no costs for spare parts and labor)

  • Extending the hardware warranty is cheaper than the average repair costs

  • Fast maintenance cycle (no cost estimates required)

Extended Software warranty

With constantly updated software maintenance, you can keep your programs and firmware versions up to date and also benefit from new features and general improvements.


  • Latest features and software updates

  • Minimize site downtime with the latest software

  • Improving compatibility with newer hardware and software developments